Wednesday, December 1, 2010


As many of you know we have a cat called Luigi, so I thought I would tell you something about him.

Luigi come to stay for six months a year ago and has never left, and just quietly, I think the girl knew once he was here he would be here to staying.

Luigi a big cat, he a mixed breed cat, but most think he has Ragdoll in him because of the size of him, when he is sitting and you put a twelve inch ruler next to him it only just come to his shoulders.

Now Luigi goes under many names, Louie, Alarm, Boss, and Bloody cat, to name just a few.

Every morning at five o’clock, Louie will arrive in our room and Ross will roll over and go

“the Alarm’s about to ring” Louie get on the bed and leans nice and close and mews very loudly in our ears and then sit there with this look on his face that say “ oh your awake, good”, you can set the clock by him, he always on time.

The thing Louie like to do most is open doors, and as he an indoor only cat, he had a lot of time to get this down to a fine art, there are only four doors in our house he can’t open, front, back, bathroom and toilet door’s, all the rest he can open, all the one’s in the kitchen and office and the drawers as well, wardrobes in the bedrooms are now all open with eases, very really does he ever want to get into anything he open, it more just to show you he can do it and he really is just a big show off!

When Louie come to live with us along come his toy’s too, he has more toys the most kids, he has mice of every shape and size, and some look and feel very real, one of his great joy’s is when people are here, he will arrive in the room with a mouse in his mouth, that he drop at someone feet and starts to play with it, he has made more than one person get up and move, because they believed it was a real mouse being flung around the room by him.

Ross has never been a cat person, me I like cat but didn’t want one, because we had not long lost our Foxy, but the girls were on their way overseas, and need a home for him.

Now we would not part with Luigi for and the gold under the sun.

Some call cats and dogs and other animals we live with pets, they are much more than that to many people, they are family, they bring to our lives a love that we don’t get from people, a love that is give freely, it a special love, that is there for all to share, it is so different from the love given by a person, the only time you lose the love of an animal friend is if you do something stupid, as in to abuse them ect.

Some time we lose our special family member because they die, the pain of this lose is one that take hold of your heart, we feel this lose, an emptiness deep inside, it hard to explain, other than to say it love.

Some people have never had an animal friend in there live and for them I feel very sorry for they have missed out on something truly special.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. I love this post Sue, Makes my heart feel good!

  2. Hi Sue, Thanks for sharing more about Louie with us.... He is gorgeous. I had a cat (Snowball) while I was a teen. I loved that all-white cat.. When I went to college I missed him so much. He died a couple of years after I left home---and it was hard for me when I'd go home for holidays, etc. I missed Snowball so much!!!! SO--I know how attached we all can get to our 'pets'... They are family..

  3. I remember that how you started with your loving Luigi and it is a good news for too.
    you have a new son:-)
    I think Luigi would like to friend with (Admiral
    which is my dear friend Rambling's cat?
    she had 96 friends on blogspots.
    AND you would enjoy too?
    Have anice day,

  4. Luigi is a gorgeous, and a very smart cat,Sue. I enjoyed reading about him. Yes we sure do get attached to our furry friends, and it sure sounds like Luigi has you wrappen around his paw.:) We would be so lost without our Jesse, so I know exactly how you feel about Luigi. They sure do work their way right into our hearts.
    You blog looks wonderful, and I like how you deocorated it for Christmas. Thank you for stopping by Sue. Take care and have a great day, as I believe it is morning there now, and you will soon be starting your day.
    We are soon heading out for a Christmas Dinner Party. Should be alot of fun. Take care and enjoy the Season, and hopefully I will come by again before Christmas.
    Dianne :)

  5. Hi Sue,
    how are you? I coming to have looking in your photos on right hand which I enjoy very much.
    I would like to do in my space:-)
    As you know in end I always messy up my space,that why I am hesitating doing itLOL!
    thank you for visits.
    hope you have nice day,

  6. Sue, thanks for this excellent blog about Luigi...I was eyeballing him all along in your pictures...he is georgeous...Merry X-mas to you you and your family, and a happy and healthy New Year...Love, cat.

  7. I hear every word you're saying. They just purr their way into our lives and hearts. Mr. Pepper and Miss Tiggy have done, still do, will always continue to possess our hearts. Unconditional love.....

    I'm only a cat,
    we'll get along fine,
    so long as you know,
    .....I'm not yours, you are mine!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.....
    'ave a good one Sue...