Saturday, May 28, 2011



Most or nearly all people including me, think Tulips come from Holland, they don’t, they where first found in the time of the Ottoman Empire, which is now called Turkey and Iran.

I have never seen Tulips like the one we saw in Turkey, not only the colours of them but the size of them as well, they were beautiful and so tall, here if we grow them we look after them as if they where babies taking the best of care of them, in Turkey they grow everywhere in the streets, even on island down the centre of the road.

The Tulip is on just about everything you buy in Turkey, and the quickest way to get on someone wrong side is to say they come from Holland.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grand Bazaar in Turkey

The Grand Bazaar in Turkey is a wonderful place to shop, you can buy everything under the sun there, from Gold to sheep heads, there is four thousand shops and two hundred streets all under cover and the smell of the herbs and spices is so good.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

When Will This End, Why Must The Children Pay Wit their Lives!!!

This week in Australia, we have had a man go to the home of his ex wife, killer her and her partner, he then took his five year old daughter and left, he could take another child of twenty two months but he was at his Grandmother house, he took his daughter away killed her and himself.

The thing I don’t get here is, fine he may hate his ex wife and her partner and he may hate them so much that he want to kill them for whatever he think they have done, and to want to kill them his hate must have been so strong, but at least they could run or fight back, they had chance to defend themselves.

BUT what did this little girl do!!

She five, whatever happen between him and his wife had nothing to do with her. This child would have gone with her Dad, because he was just that “Her Dad”, and he taken her trust and she paid with her life.

How can anyone kill their own child?

For that matter how can anyone kill any child,

What have they done to be made part of this madness?

How can killing a child, be love?

Look all I know is not matter what; I would want my child to live.

I don’t care what these adults do, if they want to go out kill them self, fine go blood kill yourself, there nothing I or anyone else can do to stop you once your made up your mind,

BUT leave your kids out of it, if you love them as you say, let them be, let them live and remember that you say you love them, so love them enough to let them have their life.

To take the life of a child, to me is one the lowest act on earth, they can’t defend them self’s against an adult, they don’t have chance in hell of getting out alive, this kind of killing happens way too often and it wrong, so so wrong.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turkish Remembrance Day

Turkish Remembrance Day is the day before ANZAC Day, most of us when to this services and where made very welcome, the Turkish site is not far from Lone Pine, they are both on the 2nd ridge, the Turkish people lost hundreds of thousand soldiers, each one of the glass graves in this cemetery has sixty or more name on it and there are thousands of them.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

ANZAC Day in Turkey

Spending ANZAC Day in Turkey is something I will always remember for many reasons, to see where our Soldier come shore and what they had to do to get off that beach, it a wonder any of them got out of there alive.

On ANZAC morning after the dawn service, most of us where moaning about the cold it was -1, Sadet (our Turkish Gide), said “it God way”, he is showing you what, your Soldier’s when through, they come here in summer cloths, look you are rug up, think about how it would have been for them, the moaning stop there and then we all knew he was right.

The day before our ANZAC Day is the Turkish Remembrance Day, it was up to us if we when to this service and I’m happy to say most did, the Turkish people lost hundreds of thousands of men, (will post picture) we were all made so welcome at this service and many Turkish Vet’s were at our ANZAC Day service next day.

What the Turkish people let us do in their country, is so good, and yes many will say we bring money into their country and we do, but it more than that, there is nothing that say they must let us visit our War died, there is nothing that say’s they have to let us have our War grave there or that they have to let us keep them the way we want too, but they let us do all of this.

We had young and old Turkish people come up to us and ask if we where Australians, on hear that we where, they shook our hand and we were told “Welcome to our country”.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

All the picture blow, have come from, ANZAC Cove or Lone Pine

From the beach looking to the first ridge

The Beach Cemetery

Simpson grave, so many men come home alive Thanks to John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey.

Lone Pine Cemetery

2nd ridge looking down to the beach