Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Day 2011

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day"
~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you, I hope this Year holds all you hope and dream, but most of all I wish you the love of your Family and Friends and Good Health
Take care

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Merry Christmas"

Hi My Friends

From Ross and I and our Family to You and Your Families,

I would just like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas,

I hope you spend this special time of the year with those you love, and I hope Santa, is good to you all,

Please if you are on the roads this Christmas drive safely,

“Merry Christmas to each and every one of you”


Sunday, December 12, 2010



It not until you need the service of the above people, that you come to know that they are worth every cent they are paid and more.

Ten days ago Ross and I need the service of these wonderful people, for the first time in our life we had to call the paramedic’s to our home, Ross had what they are calling for now a turn of some kind,(he still having test done).

The young man who answered my call for help, was so very good, he told me what to do and how to go about it, most of it I knew and had done some of it, but it was very comforting to hear a voice telling you that you are doing all the right things.

The two paramedic come to the house, these two young people, not only showed what wonderful skill’s they have, but also so much kindness and understanding, towards both Ross and I. They did everything they could to help us and explained in very easy to understand terms what they were doing and why, this for both Ross and I made a very trying time, so much easier.

I know doctors and Nurse at the hospitals do wonderful things and what they do to make people better is outstanding, but the first person most of us see if we are in an accident or need an ambulance is a Paramedic, it there skills at keeping us alive and those around us calm, till we get to the hospital, that is so important.

I know the cost of putting these young people through Uni is so very high, but the lives’ they save is worth every cent.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


As many of you know we have a cat called Luigi, so I thought I would tell you something about him.

Luigi come to stay for six months a year ago and has never left, and just quietly, I think the girl knew once he was here he would be here to staying.

Luigi a big cat, he a mixed breed cat, but most think he has Ragdoll in him because of the size of him, when he is sitting and you put a twelve inch ruler next to him it only just come to his shoulders.

Now Luigi goes under many names, Louie, Alarm, Boss, and Bloody cat, to name just a few.

Every morning at five o’clock, Louie will arrive in our room and Ross will roll over and go

“the Alarm’s about to ring” Louie get on the bed and leans nice and close and mews very loudly in our ears and then sit there with this look on his face that say “ oh your awake, good”, you can set the clock by him, he always on time.

The thing Louie like to do most is open doors, and as he an indoor only cat, he had a lot of time to get this down to a fine art, there are only four doors in our house he can’t open, front, back, bathroom and toilet door’s, all the rest he can open, all the one’s in the kitchen and office and the drawers as well, wardrobes in the bedrooms are now all open with eases, very really does he ever want to get into anything he open, it more just to show you he can do it and he really is just a big show off!

When Louie come to live with us along come his toy’s too, he has more toys the most kids, he has mice of every shape and size, and some look and feel very real, one of his great joy’s is when people are here, he will arrive in the room with a mouse in his mouth, that he drop at someone feet and starts to play with it, he has made more than one person get up and move, because they believed it was a real mouse being flung around the room by him.

Ross has never been a cat person, me I like cat but didn’t want one, because we had not long lost our Foxy, but the girls were on their way overseas, and need a home for him.

Now we would not part with Luigi for and the gold under the sun.

Some call cats and dogs and other animals we live with pets, they are much more than that to many people, they are family, they bring to our lives a love that we don’t get from people, a love that is give freely, it a special love, that is there for all to share, it is so different from the love given by a person, the only time you lose the love of an animal friend is if you do something stupid, as in to abuse them ect.

Some time we lose our special family member because they die, the pain of this lose is one that take hold of your heart, we feel this lose, an emptiness deep inside, it hard to explain, other than to say it love.

Some people have never had an animal friend in there live and for them I feel very sorry for they have missed out on something truly special.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone

I would just like to wish everyone a

“Happy Thanksgiving”

And I hope you have a wonderful day with those you love,


Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Kids,School and the Good Old day's

Come on you lot out there I need your help, well kind of in way!!

Remember! when we all when to school, you know, way back in the good old days,

Remember beside the school work that we had fun,

Remember the little bottles of milk, Remember the odd prank we would played on each other, but for the most part no one ever got hurt,

Remember when there was a fight between two kids, when it was over we all when back to what we were doing as if nothing had ever happen,

Remember how we had respect for our teachers.

Can you remember???

So why has it change so much???

Has our world really change so much in the last fifty years???


Some of our kids are dying at school, in fights or they are dying from things that happen at school.

Not so long ago in Perth, this women bought her son a knife, her son and his mate had falling out at school, so the next day, he took his knife to school and stabbed his friend. For the life of me I can’t understand, why his Mother bought him a knife to start with!

Three weeks ago here in Geraldton, a fifteen year old took his own life, why, because he had been bully so bad at school he could not take it anymore.

Another thing I can’t understand is, what ever happen to settling something fairly, you know the way “having it out “ as it was call in my day, a fight was between two kids, we when down the oval and did what need to be done (and NO! I don’t think kids should be fighting at any time) and then it was over and done with, now it ten against one, and if they get knocked down, there not letting them get up and try to fight back, it putting the boot in while they are down on the ground and it NOT just punching, it kicking and bits of wood or a star pickets.

Here in Geraldton at the moment we have a group of girl running wild in a Tag Group, where they pick another girl out and belt the life out of her. But for the life of me the thing I really don’t get is, how can other kids and some so called adults, and in one case a “Parent”, stand around and watching it happen and video it on their phones, and then send it to their mate like it some kind of joke. To me these people are every bit as bad as those using the knife or fighting as they are doing nothing to stop it.

But kids are just not attacking kids, they are also attacking there teacher as well, when did it ever become all right to beat the hell out of your teacher.

Has our world change so much that some of our kids have NO respect for human life, how can our schools have change so much in fifty years that some of our kids are losing their life in what should be a safe place for them to be.

And Yes, I do know there are so many wonderful young people out there doing truly great things in our schools and in the community, but there is also some who are not.

All I know is No parent, should have to put their child in a grave because of something that happen at school, it wrong so very wrong.

We all know we can’t go back to the “Good Old Days”, but right now I wish with all my heart we could, many of you would have seen what happening in Geraldton with the tag group that are running feral in town on T.V., I love this town, but for it to make the news around the world, because of these tag group rips me heart out.

No Child Should Ever Lose Their Life or be Hurt at School in this way!


No Parent Should Ever have to put Their Child in a grave because of something that Happen at School!

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Monday, November 8, 2010

"The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month'

“The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month”

Please Stop and Remember Those Who have died for our Freedom from all War’s,

Please also Remember their Families for they too have paid high price for our Freedom,

May they sleep Peacefully in God care,

May they know we will always Remember them,

“Lest We Forget”

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't treat Me Like I'm Stupid!!!

Now I’ve been having trouble with my net , for the last week or so, it has been running slow, so today I phone company and got a very nice lady from India, who was being very helpful and doing test on the line when the power when out at my end, and as she need my computer running to finish the test to see what speed my net was doing, she said that she would make a note on my file, for when the power was back on and I was to phone ask who ever I got to do a line test.

When the power, come back on, I phone and got a young man of about twenty who was an Aussie, I told him what had happen and ask if he had the note from the lady on my file and he said yes, so I ask him if he would do the line test for me and he said No, that he want to do everything the lady had already done before. I said to him that nothing would have change as I had been out, and the computer had been sitting here not being use till I got home just now.

At this point in our chat, the young man decide it was time to get rude and he thought, he had every right to speak to me as if I was a two year old.

Now most of you know that I’m fifty something and to some that make me over the hill, but that don’t make me stupid and Yes I know I don’t know a lot about computer and Yes there is No doubt in my mind that this young man knew much more about computer then I did or ever would, but I do know when a Blue Cable is plug IN, I don’t need to be ask twenty time to make sure that it is, and I don’t need to be spoken to in a condescending tone, as if I’m stupid.

I ask the young man if he would speak to his Mother the way he was speaking to me and there was a little laugh, so I took that as a Yes, so I told him if he was my son about now he would be picking his butt up of the floor as I would never stand around and hear him talk to people the way he was talking to me.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m on the phone to anyone I write things down, like the name of who I’m talking to, and reference numbers, (it a habit I learnt at my first job working in country phone exchange many years ago), so it was not hard to ring and speak to a supervisor and tell them what when on, and no I don’t want the young man to lose his job.

I just what him to be told to grow up and to get some respect, because some day he too will be over the hill and I’m sure he will not like being treated the way he treated me, all he need to know is respect cost nothing, it Free, and it make people feel good and I’m sure if he try it, it would make him feel good too.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Australia like many country around the world, is a country where people can have their say and do as they like as long as they are not breaking the law. We have this right and it called Freedom!

Freedom is something I treasure as do many other people, you have only got to look around the world to see that so many countries will never have the Freedom that Australia has and I find that very sad.

Some say we are lucky our Government keep us Free. Me! Well I don’t think they keep us Free at all, they spend most of their day yell at each other about who right and who wrong. They could agree on anything if there lives’ depended on it. Those who keep this country Free are our Armed Forces.

This week on T.V. we were all told that in Parliament our Pollies would been doing there bit of yelling at each other about where our Armed Forces are fighting and if they should stay there or not, and this is what they were doing when a women ran in call our Soldier’s, murder’s and kill’s.

Now I don’t care if this woman was born here or come here from another country. She needs to get her head out of the cloud and look around her.

She is here and she is FREE, because of those who serve in our Armed Forces.

They are the one who give us our Freedom and who fight to keep us Free, they are the one who are always willing to go and do what this country ask of them.

They are the one who gave her the Freedom to walk in to parliament and talk rubbish about them and if she does not like the FREEDOM she has here she, she can bloody well leave and go to another country where she will could be jail for having her say, or better still maybe she would like to spend time on the front line with those who are fighting to keep fools like her FREE.

We don’t need fools like her, talking rubbish about the men and women, who lay there live on the line every day for this country; if she does not want the Freedom she has here, she can go somewhere else because we sure as hell don’t need her here.

And I have to be honest, some of the place that our men and women are fighting, I don’t think they should be there, BUT, I’m so proud of each and every one of them for doing what their country has ask them to do and I will always stand with those who fight for our Freedom, no matter what!!

“Lest We Forget That We Are Free Because Of what They Do For Us”

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I’m going to have a Bitch, so if you don’t want hear it, it time to stop reading!

Ross and I were in town today, Ross had gone off to do what he had to do and I was doing my food shopping.

As I was coming out of the shop I was approached by a lady, who asks me for five dollars, so she could get bread and milk.

Did I give it to her NO, Did she need, maybe?

Why didn’t I give it to her!

Because she was standing there with a packet of smokes in one hand and a six pack of grog in the other and no she was not drunk.

Now I don’t care if anyone smoke or drinks that up to them, but DON”T come asking me for money for food, when you just spent your last cent on a packet of smoke or a six pack of grog, because you won’t get a bloody cent of me.

If you can’t put food before the smoke’s and the grog, it time you got off your butt and stop smoking or drinking. There is help out there for everyone who wants to stop smoking and drinking, but the person need to get of their butt and make the first move them self, “No One Can Make Them Do It” they have to want to do it.

And before anyone goes off the face at me, YES I do have a drink when I go out and NO I don’t smoke, and YES I know these are hard things to give up. But some time we got to put our health and food before other things.

Growing up I was always told to help people when you can, it the Aussie way my Grandfather would say, because he said you would never know when you need help from others and he was right, it is the Aussie way. But some time you just have to say NO, some time people have to change the way they are to help them self.

Look you want help from me come and ask me and I will do my best to help you, in any way I can, BUT don’t come ask me for help, with a six pack under your arm, because the answer will be NO!!! And if that make me mean and hard so be it!!

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sentosa Island

Ok I promise you this is the last of the holiday pictures, Sentosa Island, it part of Singapore and there are two way of getting to it, by road or by cable car, and you must go by cable car, it is so good and you don’t know you’re so high off the ground, and you can see so much from up there, it wonderful.

As with the rest of Singapore, we saw what we could in the time we had, there are three you must see if you go to Sentosa,

1 Images of Singapore, this is a wax museum, it tells the history of Singapore and doses it very well, and it tells it from all side, good and bad.

2 Dolphin Lagoon, go and see the beautiful pink and gray dolphins, they were just wonderful to see.

3 And I think what really made it the for me, Song of the Sea, this light show is a must, you sit looking out to sea, the light and laser lights, show up on sea water that spray into the air.

The other thing you will see is as you walk down to the beach for the show you will past the largest fountain in this part of the world, it run from the top of the hill down to the sea and is made out of those, little square tiles, it very beautiful,

And after all that if you really need something to get you going, there Sky Tower, it goes up one hindered and thirty one metres, they tell me you can see all of Singapore from up there, yes that right you would not get me up there for all the money in the world, but those who when on it said it was great.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Singapore Day Zoo

When Ross and I were in Singapore we when to the Zoo, I’m a Zoo person any where we go that got a Zoo, you will find me there for the day at least, I’ve been known to go for more them one day in a row, and yes some think I’m mad, but I just love going to the Zoo.

Singapore has two Zoo’s a Day and a Night one and they are now in the middle of building a new one that will open sometime next year and that will be the River Zoo.

We when to both the Day and Night Zoo and they are both great, but I have never seen anything like the day one, you are on the same level as most of the animals, like when you go look at the white tiger’s, where you stand to look at them, is at the same height as the hills in there yard, there is no looking down on the animal’s, for the tree top animal’s, you walk with them in the tree’s and the animal’s are all round you, there is very little glass use, and when it is use it to show you something you could not see without the glass, like the hippo’s swimming under water.

The Zoo is all forest, when you’re not looking at animals your walk through beautiful, forests of tree and flowering plants.

We spend six hours at the Zoo and never saw half of it and my photos don’t do justice to just how beautiful, this Zoo is.

Before anyone who reads this has a hissy fit and tell me these are wild animals and they should be running FREE. Today Zoo are, NOT like Zoo of old and YES, I would like to see every animal running FREE, but having said that Zoo play a big part in showing people what beautiful animals we have in our world, and if we don’t stop and look after our world these animals will no longer be with us.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

I took so many photo’s I can’t blog them all, for those of you on my Facebook, I will put them up there

Friday, October 1, 2010

Singapore Airport

These Orchids where in Singapore Airport, there was so many of them and the stream of Koi, I’ve never seen so much colour in one spot before or an airport, with so much in it.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friends Wedding and a Good time had by all

Hi Everyone,

I’m home again, Ross and I had wonderful time, we saw so much, but the highlight of our trip was, to be at the wedding of a net friend, who I’ve known for many years, but had never meet in person till we got off the plane in the Philippines. If any of you ever get the change to meet a friend who you got to know on line, please do it, it may change your life, for

“Friends are the Family God lets Us pick”,

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

William and Myla
The Four of Us
William and Myla
Ross and I
Ross, William and Me
Ross, Me, William and Myla's Mum and Dad