Saturday, October 16, 2010


I’m going to have a Bitch, so if you don’t want hear it, it time to stop reading!

Ross and I were in town today, Ross had gone off to do what he had to do and I was doing my food shopping.

As I was coming out of the shop I was approached by a lady, who asks me for five dollars, so she could get bread and milk.

Did I give it to her NO, Did she need, maybe?

Why didn’t I give it to her!

Because she was standing there with a packet of smokes in one hand and a six pack of grog in the other and no she was not drunk.

Now I don’t care if anyone smoke or drinks that up to them, but DON”T come asking me for money for food, when you just spent your last cent on a packet of smoke or a six pack of grog, because you won’t get a bloody cent of me.

If you can’t put food before the smoke’s and the grog, it time you got off your butt and stop smoking or drinking. There is help out there for everyone who wants to stop smoking and drinking, but the person need to get of their butt and make the first move them self, “No One Can Make Them Do It” they have to want to do it.

And before anyone goes off the face at me, YES I do have a drink when I go out and NO I don’t smoke, and YES I know these are hard things to give up. But some time we got to put our health and food before other things.

Growing up I was always told to help people when you can, it the Aussie way my Grandfather would say, because he said you would never know when you need help from others and he was right, it is the Aussie way. But some time you just have to say NO, some time people have to change the way they are to help them self.

Look you want help from me come and ask me and I will do my best to help you, in any way I can, BUT don’t come ask me for help, with a six pack under your arm, because the answer will be NO!!! And if that make me mean and hard so be it!!

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. Hi Sue, Your are totaly right that she can afford to buy those why she asked people more money? You can afford to became a Bitch LOL!
    Have a peaceful Sunday,

  2. I learned this lesson the hard way. Now I'll buy a needy person a bag of groceries, but will not give them money. It's just the principal of the whole thing.

  3. I dont blame you one bit for not helping or being mad, i am a smoker, and i do like an occasional drink, but my family, their welfare and needs come before my bad scrapbooking habit is costly enough but it would never come before feeding the family or paying the bills.

  4. Let's be bitches together! I've been in the same scenario more than once. A real good one is the mother with the baby...the beer was in the basket under the carriage...go figure! I have walked a person into the store and paid for their FOOD items at the checkout...that was an honest need. I smoke and drink on occasion, but NEVER have they taken precedence over food on the table, ever! Let's get our priorities right, shall we! My Grandma taught me the same as your Grandfather taught you. stayed true to did right!
    If that makes us 'bitches', then so be it. Like I said...let's be bitches together!
    'ave a good one Sue...

  5. I would have done the same thing. Let her take the grog and smokes back if she needs money for food. You're not a bitch at all.

  6. I totally agree with you on this!

  7. I am with you on this one Sue. Put your family before the smokes and beer. I don't give money if they need a meal I'll take them and let them eat and pick up the tab. But money no, might as well get them a bottle...
    Peace to You