Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

The year has gone so quick, and Christmas is just forty eight hours away,
I just want to Thank You all for your friendship, and to wish you all a
Very Merry Christmas,
I hope you have a wonderful day and that you are surrounded by your Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas to you all,
Please stay safe when you are out and about on the roads,


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Most of you know Ross and I have just been away on holidays with my Mum and Dad, and I took lots of pictures, but just have had the time to post then yet, as from the time we got home Mum has been ill, she was in hospital for a week with Viral Pneumonia, but just didn’t seem to be getting any better, so lots of test where done and last week they told us Mum has Emphysema.
The thing here is my Mum has never smoked, she got it from Passive Smoking, no matter how far back in Mum live you go, there been a smoker, from my Grandfather who smoked to the day he died, to my Dad who gave up twenty five years ago.
But the biggest trouble I think was Mum and Dad had a hotels, in the days when everyone smoked inside, the bar would smell smoke, you could see it in the air, your cloths would smell of smoke, back then, there was no fans to suck the smoke out of the room.
Magnet was a mining town, just about every man at that bar had a cigarette in their hand, my Dad was one of these men, I’ve seen men and woman, sit at hotel bars and light cigarette after cigarette and yes my Dad was one of this kind of smokers too, he always had cigarette in his hand.
Back then we did not know what could happen with Passive Smoking, now we do.
I’m not telling you this to try and stop anyone from smoking, I don’t have the right to do that, I telling it to you, so you may think about who around you, when you smoke, your young Children and Grandchildren, can’t, just get up and leave the room. I’m not asking anyone to stop smoking, I guess what I’m asking is for you to think of your Children and Grandchildren, thirty years on in life, don’t let them be where my Mum is now.
Mum is now improve little, she still get very puffed, but doing a little more each day, she is in the early stages of Emphysema and has been put on medication and they are working to get her as well as she can be.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

We were out to dinner last night with friends, now as it was Christmas, i wish everyone “Merry Christmas”, to be told by one lady, that it was not the Done Thing! to say “Merry Christmas “ any more.
I have to tell you I’m well and truly over being told by the Do Gooder’s and our Pollies what we can and can’t say, when will this stupidness end, as far as I can see most people from most religions don’t care what we say, it the bloody Do Gooders and the Pollies who think they know best and don’t want step on people toes or up set any one, what will it be next, will the Happy go out of Easter, or maybe we will just stop having Christmas and Easter, to keep the Pollies and Do Gooder’s happy.
To me this just a lot of bullsh....t, what happen to Freedom of Speech, when will the Pollies and Do Gooder’s learn, “That You Can’t Make Everyone Happy”, and that they can’t change the way things have been done for thousands of year just to make them look good. If they don’t want say “Merry Christmas”, that fine, but STOP telling the rest of us what we should Do!!!! We don’t need to be told we can say this or that.
All you Pollies go run the country that what we paying you to do, and you Do Gooder’s out there who are so sure you know what best for the rest of us, get back in your box’s and stay to hell out of people’s lives, because we sure as hell don’t need you to stuffing up our live any more then you all ready have!!!

And to rest of you people reading this, in case I don’t get another blog in before Christmas,

“Merry Christmas to You All”

S.M. Mac Arthur ©