Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Singapore Day Zoo

When Ross and I were in Singapore we when to the Zoo, I’m a Zoo person any where we go that got a Zoo, you will find me there for the day at least, I’ve been known to go for more them one day in a row, and yes some think I’m mad, but I just love going to the Zoo.

Singapore has two Zoo’s a Day and a Night one and they are now in the middle of building a new one that will open sometime next year and that will be the River Zoo.

We when to both the Day and Night Zoo and they are both great, but I have never seen anything like the day one, you are on the same level as most of the animals, like when you go look at the white tiger’s, where you stand to look at them, is at the same height as the hills in there yard, there is no looking down on the animal’s, for the tree top animal’s, you walk with them in the tree’s and the animal’s are all round you, there is very little glass use, and when it is use it to show you something you could not see without the glass, like the hippo’s swimming under water.

The Zoo is all forest, when you’re not looking at animals your walk through beautiful, forests of tree and flowering plants.

We spend six hours at the Zoo and never saw half of it and my photos don’t do justice to just how beautiful, this Zoo is.

Before anyone who reads this has a hissy fit and tell me these are wild animals and they should be running FREE. Today Zoo are, NOT like Zoo of old and YES, I would like to see every animal running FREE, but having said that Zoo play a big part in showing people what beautiful animals we have in our world, and if we don’t stop and look after our world these animals will no longer be with us.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

I took so many photo’s I can’t blog them all, for those of you on my Facebook, I will put them up there


  1. Hello Sue, I agree with you. We do need Zoos to protect the wildlife. Oh my gosh, your photographs are AMAZING!!! As I don't have Facebook, I really, really hope that you will/can add your photos still to SkyDive. Please? I am so excited, I can't wait for Jaiden to get home from school to show him your blog. We love the Zoo too, and Jaiden especially loves White Tigers. They have a very special place in his heart. Take Care. Hugs and Smiles, Kerrie. xOx PS: Will be back later with JL.

  2. Those white tigers are so pretty. Thanks for the photos. Maybe you can show some more.

  3. I hear you...I love the zoo too. I like to think of zoos as a safe haven for a lot of endangered species...that's a good thing. You'd love the 'African Lion Safari' here. Beautiful animals; beautiful pictures.
    'ave a good one Sue...

  4. Hi Sue, What ya zooin? Great pictures. From Jaiden