Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't treat Me Like I'm Stupid!!!

Now I’ve been having trouble with my net , for the last week or so, it has been running slow, so today I phone company and got a very nice lady from India, who was being very helpful and doing test on the line when the power when out at my end, and as she need my computer running to finish the test to see what speed my net was doing, she said that she would make a note on my file, for when the power was back on and I was to phone ask who ever I got to do a line test.

When the power, come back on, I phone and got a young man of about twenty who was an Aussie, I told him what had happen and ask if he had the note from the lady on my file and he said yes, so I ask him if he would do the line test for me and he said No, that he want to do everything the lady had already done before. I said to him that nothing would have change as I had been out, and the computer had been sitting here not being use till I got home just now.

At this point in our chat, the young man decide it was time to get rude and he thought, he had every right to speak to me as if I was a two year old.

Now most of you know that I’m fifty something and to some that make me over the hill, but that don’t make me stupid and Yes I know I don’t know a lot about computer and Yes there is No doubt in my mind that this young man knew much more about computer then I did or ever would, but I do know when a Blue Cable is plug IN, I don’t need to be ask twenty time to make sure that it is, and I don’t need to be spoken to in a condescending tone, as if I’m stupid.

I ask the young man if he would speak to his Mother the way he was speaking to me and there was a little laugh, so I took that as a Yes, so I told him if he was my son about now he would be picking his butt up of the floor as I would never stand around and hear him talk to people the way he was talking to me.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m on the phone to anyone I write things down, like the name of who I’m talking to, and reference numbers, (it a habit I learnt at my first job working in country phone exchange many years ago), so it was not hard to ring and speak to a supervisor and tell them what when on, and no I don’t want the young man to lose his job.

I just what him to be told to grow up and to get some respect, because some day he too will be over the hill and I’m sure he will not like being treated the way he treated me, all he need to know is respect cost nothing, it Free, and it make people feel good and I’m sure if he try it, it would make him feel good too.

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  1. So agree with you and hope that someone tells him to change his attitude. Its a shame that people have no respect for others when they are asking for help and it is his job to HELP. Hope your computer is now working great.

  2. EXCELLENT POINT!! Unfortunately this is the way all older people are treated by the younger generation. The heart specialist I saw last month treated me as if I had dementia. I too keep notes when I am making a call to a service person.

  3. I don't even bother to count the number of times I've been up against the same often, that's for sure. Like you, I wouldn't want to see the young man lose his job, but I certainly hope he was royally chastised about his people skills or lack thereof.
    Way to go...
    'ave a good one Sue...

  4. Sorry to you have had a bad time from this a bad manner young man, I think he was brought up the way with out respect in his family?
    We said when you watchs the child then you can tell what type of he/her parents.
    The other day my son's help an old lady at shopping centre for wondering the trolly that you know what is likes...
    She said thank you to him then he said to her that I hope someone helps my mum too:-)
    I still think all parents need to teach them when they were younger to do right things and respect to for old people:-)
    This is a very good post,
    Enjoy your day,

  5. I'm glad you called the supervisor to complain. Maybe the next 50 something person who gets him on the phone will be treated with the respect they deserve.

  6. How awful. I certainly hope he got the message when the supervisor talked to him. Many just blow that off. There is never an excuse for rudeness.

  7. Hi Sue, I hope you got your internet working properly, and that young man learned a valuable lesson.
    Your blog looks wonderful with all your beautiful photos.
    Hope all is well. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.It is always nice to hear from you.
    Well, you take care and have a wonderful weekend.
    Dianne :)

  8. what a horrid thing to have to go through.. guess they feel that seeing how its over the phone.. no one can touch them.. i have had experience such as your as well.. and it does make one so mad..
    hopefully your connection is now fixed..and you wont' have to deal with this young man anymore..
    I am in awe of your photos.. and that lion is so beautiful..
    hope your day is soft and ever so kind.