Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Kids,School and the Good Old day's

Come on you lot out there I need your help, well kind of in way!!

Remember! when we all when to school, you know, way back in the good old days,

Remember beside the school work that we had fun,

Remember the little bottles of milk, Remember the odd prank we would played on each other, but for the most part no one ever got hurt,

Remember when there was a fight between two kids, when it was over we all when back to what we were doing as if nothing had ever happen,

Remember how we had respect for our teachers.

Can you remember???

So why has it change so much???

Has our world really change so much in the last fifty years???


Some of our kids are dying at school, in fights or they are dying from things that happen at school.

Not so long ago in Perth, this women bought her son a knife, her son and his mate had falling out at school, so the next day, he took his knife to school and stabbed his friend. For the life of me I can’t understand, why his Mother bought him a knife to start with!

Three weeks ago here in Geraldton, a fifteen year old took his own life, why, because he had been bully so bad at school he could not take it anymore.

Another thing I can’t understand is, what ever happen to settling something fairly, you know the way “having it out “ as it was call in my day, a fight was between two kids, we when down the oval and did what need to be done (and NO! I don’t think kids should be fighting at any time) and then it was over and done with, now it ten against one, and if they get knocked down, there not letting them get up and try to fight back, it putting the boot in while they are down on the ground and it NOT just punching, it kicking and bits of wood or a star pickets.

Here in Geraldton at the moment we have a group of girl running wild in a Tag Group, where they pick another girl out and belt the life out of her. But for the life of me the thing I really don’t get is, how can other kids and some so called adults, and in one case a “Parent”, stand around and watching it happen and video it on their phones, and then send it to their mate like it some kind of joke. To me these people are every bit as bad as those using the knife or fighting as they are doing nothing to stop it.

But kids are just not attacking kids, they are also attacking there teacher as well, when did it ever become all right to beat the hell out of your teacher.

Has our world change so much that some of our kids have NO respect for human life, how can our schools have change so much in fifty years that some of our kids are losing their life in what should be a safe place for them to be.

And Yes, I do know there are so many wonderful young people out there doing truly great things in our schools and in the community, but there is also some who are not.

All I know is No parent, should have to put their child in a grave because of something that happen at school, it wrong so very wrong.

We all know we can’t go back to the “Good Old Days”, but right now I wish with all my heart we could, many of you would have seen what happening in Geraldton with the tag group that are running feral in town on T.V., I love this town, but for it to make the news around the world, because of these tag group rips me heart out.

No Child Should Ever Lose Their Life or be Hurt at School in this way!


No Parent Should Ever have to put Their Child in a grave because of something that Happen at School!

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. when i was in grade 3 a group of kids took a skipping rope and hung me by my neck in the cloak / coat room.. they didnt find me for over two minutes while i dangled there trying to get free.. finally someone screamed and i was cut down..and no one saw a thing.. no even the teacher.. odd eh? welcome to planet earth.

  2. westcoastkid
    Im sorry this Happen to you ,No one should have that happen to them

  3. I think a lot of the problems can be traced to movies and music glorifying the "thug life". As you know we've had mass murders on school campuses here and the first thing a lot of people do is start screaming for more gun control laws. Our problem isn't with gun control, it's with kid control. We've become to politically correct to discipline our children and they grow up thinking they can get away with anything.....and all too often they do!

  4. Chip
    I think your right about the movie and video games as well, and we to are moving in to the politically correct bit here

  5. Excellent post Sue. You have made many good points. I do believe the good old days are gone forever unless parents at fault begin to actually parent their child.

  6. Now I know, that you are not supposed to "throw dirt" on your own kind, but your blog just made me do exactly that, Sue...It's true what you are saying, and (being a beef/ farmer myself!)... could it is the FOOD we are offering to our young...meaning, medication and hormone infested feedlot meats, and pesticide and insecticide infested crops???

  7. Having driven a school bus for 30 plus years, I've seen almost all of it. I've had knives pulled on me and had a gun shoved in my face. I've driven into schools where the students have to go through metal detectors in order to get to class. Where are the parents you ask...good question. The answer...they aren't there. I've had contacts with good parents who fear their children will press charges against them if they're that leaves out a good old fashioned spanking. I've met parents, and I use the term loosely, who just don't give a shit. So...the system, or lack thereof. So...parenting, or lack thereof. Granted, a lot of children are on medications, that if good and proper parenting was in place, would not be required. We're ingesting most of the same things they what's their problem? Shouldn't we be infected in like? I repeat...the system, or lack thereof...parenting, or lack thereof. Rocket Man, I think you're bang on...

    'ave a good Sue...

  8. PS: I so love your cat photo... :)