Sunday, February 20, 2011

Greenough River

These pictures are of the Greenough River that runs through the flood plains around Geraldton, I have seen her in flood before, but have never been there to see the start; this river has not had water in it for over seven year.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


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  2. Nice to see these photos.
    Have a great Sunday! Hugs

  3. Hi Sue,
    The Greenough River does look nice,
    In here some fish man are really enjoyed their fishing at the rivers:-)
    But some golf course are still under mending from damage from the floods.
    Plus we missed our Sunmmer weather too?
    Today only 14C-20C cool weather...
    Hope you have a nice Sunday.

  4. Hey, Sue! That is something I've heard happens but have never seen. Very cool!

  5. Great Pictures Sue..... 7yrs! wow!... Hope you are all well?

  6. Great photos and very interesting to see. Thanks for sharing it Sue. Hope all is well, and you have a nice rest of the week.
    Take care,
    Dianne :)

  7. WOW! Nice pictures ... 7 years ... again, WOW!!!

    'ave a good one Sue ...

  8. Hello Sue my name is Sharon i live in Denmark WA i have been reading an article about the Greenough flood in 1888 February 3 this is in a book from December 1941 so i loged on to see if i could find out any more about this and came across your photos very good photos of the river some of the other articles i read were all about the same time of the year for flooding