Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ANZAC Day 2012

 Many of you who know me, will know that War Vet’s and those who fight for this country Freedom, mean a lot to me, even the one I don’t know, so some of you will find this a very different ANZAC Day post for me.

I’m so very sick and tired of hearing people say ANZAC Day, is glorifying war, to me these people are fools who have never, known a Vet or Soldier or live with Vet or Soldier, and they have never been to war.
ANZAC Day is not about glorifying war, it about Death, Living and Freedom.

So many giving their live to keep our country Free, and at Peace for their children and ours, and they do it because of their love for this country.
And their Families, they lose part of their live in away most of us will never ever understand.

Those who come home, after doing what their country has ask of them, who try to get on with their lives as best they can, some who never fully come home, for part of them is still in country’s miles away across the sea with a mate who never made it home.

The men and women, who fight for this country and many of those give their Lives for this country, it is they who give us the give us the Gift of Freedom. Freedom to be able to live the way we want, Freedom to be able to stand and have our say, Freedom to go to whatever church we like and the list go on.

No one in their right mind glorifies war, how can anyone say we do, for even those who win the war lose, so many who fright never come home and those who do sometime, pay the price for the rest of their lives’, I have never meet anyone who wanted to go to war, but sometime we have to fight for what is right.

We are not Glorifying War in any way on ANZAC Day.
If you don’t like the way we stand with those who have died, who are fighting and those who have come home after having done what this country asked them to do, LEAVE!
We don’t need you here and I don’t care if you were born here or not, if you can’t stand with those who keep us Free we don’t need you here!!

I will always stand with those who keep us Free!

“Lest We Forget”
That we are Free,
Thanks to those who lay their
Life on the line for us

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

A Soldiers Wife
As she sits there on the edge of the bed
Holding onto sweet memories, going through her head
She has their babies asleep in the next room
But remembers back when they was just bride and groom

She takes the kids to visit his mother
Together they hold hands and pray for a son and a lover
It's been too long now since he first left
For his tour of duty at his counties request

She talks with others who have loved ones over there
Helping to support each other with loving care
Sometimes she breaks down when the kids ask 'when is dad coming home? '
She wishes she had an answer for each time she's alone

She cleans the house and pays those bills
And has her moments when all time stands still
With the love in her heart for just one man
She can't help but cry as she looks at her band

She prays someday he'll come home safe from harm
And once again she'll snuggle up in his arms
She speaks to God about her plans and wishes
As she stands and cries while doing dishes

She's trying to hold it together the best that she can
Doing all she can do for the love of just one man
Her babies are quiet, for they are sound asleep
So then she lays down, then she begins to weep

She don't know it, but he'll soon be home
Just a matter of days now and she won't be alone
They will try and make up for time that was lost
And she'll be so thankfull he didn't pay the cost

We all should be thankful for those served and those that gave
And honor them with pride, for being so brave
Though their feelings may not always show
They've been through a hell that we may never know

by Norman Hale Jr.

Dedicated to those that served as well as their families


  1. Excellent post Sue. Even though we are thousands of miles apart I share the same views as you do.

  2. Hi, Sue!
    Long ago I was here.
    Hope all is well with you and your family.
    There has been a lot with my dad but it will be when they grow older.
    Wish you a nice weekend!
    Take care
    Hugs Ann

  3. Greetings, Sue ... Love, cat.

  4. Dear Sue,
    Wish you a wonderful week!
    Hugs Ann