Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Old Town" Taiwan

When we were in Taiwan Nikki and Theo took us to a place call “The Old Town”, it was up in the hills and mile from anywhere, but it was so different in so many ways.
It was like stepping back in time, the town was at the end of the rail line, there was only one car in town and it was the Police car, it was no good having cars as the street where way to skinny to drive down, you could drive there but you had to leave you car at the edge of town and walk.
The railway line cut the town in half, on one side of the line was a prayer tree, with bits of bamboo with prayers written on them hanging from it. Besides the train cutting the town in half, there was also a river that ran through town.
There where food shops and people selling things in the street, it was just a great place to see.
The country around the town was very hilly, but just beautiful, and the people made the most of the waterfalls and open space.
S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. AWESOME!! photos Sue. What a wonderful trip!

  2. Dear Sue,
    Thank you for send me the photos.

  3. Beautiful array of photo's I love your layout smashing. What a trip! WOW