Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breast Cancer in Men

Breast Cancer In Men

All of us women know about Breast cancer, we all have our Mammogram or Ultrasound every two years. But how many of us know that men too can get Breast cancer;

“Yes men can get Breast Cancer too”

Many people believe it to be only women who get Breast Cancer. Although very rare, about 1% of Breast Cancers every year occurs in adult males. But unlike Breast Cancer in women we don’t hear as much about it, and it time we did and it time it was talk about it more, because that the only way lives will be save.

Breast Cancer in men develops in the small amount of breast tissue found behind a man's nipple. Breast cancer can occur in men at any age but most commonly in men aged 50 years and older.

Each year in Australia about 100 men are told they have breast cancer. Breast cancer in men is the same disease that women get and like women the quicker it found the better the prognosis and the best way to find it is self examination. Prognosis for men with breast cancer is similar to what it is for women at the same age and stage of the cancer.

Just like for women having a family history of female or male breast cancer on either side of the family can increase a man risk of developing breast cancer.

The most common symptom of breast cancer in men is a painless lump close to the nipple. Other symptoms include nipple discharge, a change in the shape or appearance of the nipple, a change in the shape or appearance of the breast, such as swelling or dimpling, swollen lymph nodes under the arm or any pain that is unusual and does not go away.

Like with women it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible if you see any of these change in your breast see a Doctor right away, finding it early will mean a better chance of effective treatment. The treatment for Breast Cancer in men is the same as it is for women; the sooner you see a Doctor the better, the sooner you have treatment the better.

I have learnt a lot about Breast Cancer in men for the first time this month. My Ross has been to have Mammogram and Ultrasound today. We now have to wait now to see what it says. Please all you men out there do a self examination, if you need help in how to do it, talk to your wives or girlfriends.

But Please Just Do It.

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Ross test came back today saying that it a fatty lump, left over from the Vietnam War

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  1. Excellent article, Sue. Good to see you're getting set up over here. All my best to you and Rooss.