Saturday, August 8, 2009

White Cross

When you’re out driving or away on holidays and you see the White Cross’s on the side of the road does it make you stop and think.

Now I don’t know about other country but here a White Cross is there, because there been a car accident and someone died.

We hear every day that something has to be done about the people dying on our roads, that the Police should do more, to stop it.

How can the Police stop it, IT NOT THEM speeding, it not them drinking and driving, it not them smoking dope and driving, it not them get in the car and not wearing a seat belt, it not them talk on the mobile phones as they drive and it not them putting a child in to the car without a child seat and harness.


We are the one getting into our cars, it up to us to be safe, it up to us not to drink or take drug and drive, it up to us to make sure our children are safe in OUR car.

It not up to the police. What do we want a police at everyone house making sure we do what we should be doing. And it not just our young people, who are doing wrong ,it adults too.

How can we expect our children not to drink and drive, if they see Mum and Dad doing it all the time, our kids learn from us. We have to do our bit to stop the death on our roads.

The police need our help in this, as someone who lost a brother in a car accident in the day when there was not seat belts, I know a seat belt would have saved his life, just like it did when my daughter roll her car four years ago,


I know the law, has to change in some ways too, it has to start working with the police as well, what I mean is like the hoon laws, if it there first time, the car is taken of these people for twenty four hours, that is not punishing then, it need to be longer, they need to know it will hurt them, that they will be with out there cars for a long time.

We had an accident here, four years ago, three family lost their kids in it, they where all teenagers, the driver and one other lived, the driver had no license, the car was not license, and he had been drinking, is he in jail, NO HE NOT, why because he was left a paraplegic, and yes I’m very sorry he is like that, BUT he know when he got in that car what he was doing was wrong, the judge said he was being punish by the life he now has, WHAT ABOUT THE FAMILY WHO LOST THERE KIDS, are they not being punish too.

Another thing is car’s them self, the speed limit is what 110km an hour, why than are we making cars that go so much faster, we put seventeen year old behind the wheel of a car that can do 200km hour and we think they won’t try it out.

I know in some country the speed limit higher, and that we import cars from them, but surely there some way of stoping car from going higher than our speed limit.

To me one of things that dose need changing is the drinking and driving age, I think eighteen is way too young, if it when back to twenty one I think it would be better; kids would be just that much older.

Maybe I’m wrong in how I'm thinking about this, I just know something has to be done to stop the deaths on our roads, and it has to be done soon.

We are getting more and more White Cross’s along our roads every day, all I know is we need to stop it and we need to do it soon.

S.M.MacArthur ©


  1. Sue, we have far too many of those crosses on our highways, put there by the grieving friends and families of those murdered on our highways. Kill someone while speeding, driving recklessly, drunk or high and that is murder in my mind.

    There is a way to slow those cars down but it's just as easy to get around as it is to use it in the first place. Cars have an Electronic Control Module, commonly called the computer. Slowing those high performance cars down is as simple as installing a limiter chip. It's done on tractor-trailer rigs here in the States. Of course after market high performance chips can be ordered online and installing one is just as easy as installing the limiter chip.

    Traffic law enforcement, all law enforcement for that matter, needs to be as strict as possible and still remain within the law. My home state of Virginia has taken 2 controversial steps in that direction. First, we have and use the death penalty for capital crimes. If you take someone's life during the commission of a felony you may very well be sentenced to death. Second, for any crime committed after 1995 there is no parole or time off for good behavior. If you are sentenced to 20 years you will do every single day of 20 years. Some say our laws are too strict and we aren't making enough effort to "rehabilitate" criminals. The vast majority of us say prison is from punishment not rehabilitation. If you come to our state don't do the crime if you can't do the time!

  2. Chip

    Im with you, it murdered to me, if they Drunk, High, Speeding or doing ANYTHING they should not be doing, they know when they get in to the car, that they should not be there, and Yes 20 yeares should be 20 years, there should be no time off,