Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things that Remind Us how Lucky We are!!! 12 July 2010

Nikki Numberplate

You know how you look at something and it make you stop and think how lucky you are, well for me it a picture on our fridge, it of our Daughter Nikki’s car, it was taken seven years ago, by the towtruck driver, who come to her accident to tow the car away, the same man took the numberplate off the car and give it to her to keep because he didn’t believe she was standing in front of him a live with just a cut on her arm. Nikki still has the numberplate.

Many people have said I should take the picture down, but I won’t, every time I see it, it tell me just how lucky I am to have a daughter, people who come to the house ask what happen, and I tell them, most say it was a long time ago why don’t you take it down, my reply is always the same,” it is staying right where it is”.

The accident was just that an accident, the front tyre blow, there was no speed, drink or drugs, it was just an accident. But if seeing that picture make one person stop and think about what they do when they get behind the wheel of a car, then the picture done it job.

So many people are dying in car accidents, and they are not all young, some are older enough to know better, but yet the killing on our roads goes on, it like people don’t care, how do we make them care, I don’t know.

How do you stop someone from drinking, taking drug and driving or from speeding on our roads? The Police can’t stop them, how can they, the only way for the Police to be able to stop them would to have an Officers outside every house, shop, hotel in the world.

Maybe some of these people need to get the phone call I got and so many other people have gotten to say there been an accident and someone they love has been hurt, maybe that the only way they will stop doing stupid things in car.

In Magnet we had a Police officer, who was in his late twenties and he had even at that age been to so many accidents, he use to say that part of everyone learning to drive, they should seeing what damage a car could do, he thought people should be made to visit place like rehabilitation hospitals, is that the way to go, I real don’t know, all I know is it sickness me to see so many white cross along the side of our roads, and yes I know that some of the cross are from just plane accident that no one could have stop , but so very many are not, a lot are from people doing stupid things like driving drunk and the really sad part is a lot of the time those hurt are not even in the cars they are just innocent bystanders.

I have been Bless in more way then one both my kids have walked away from accidents, so many family have not been so lucky, and yes I know the pain of losing a Brother to a stupid car accident and I would not wish that pain on anyone, for it change you and your family for every.

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  1. So many things to think about Sue in this blog.
    I dont blame you for counting your Blessings the way you have. Good for you . Stand up for what you belive . In Canada most Driving and Driving and under any drug happens way more than we think. My daughter walked away from a few accidents , once she hit a deer and the car was a right off by the insurance.. We are lucky Moms and all we can do is do our part. So sorry about your brother and I know how it has changed you. My Dad was killed in a head on accident in the fog. My life changed that day.
    Yet I know where he is , and part of him is still in my heart.
    Nice to have you here Sue.
    Have a great day

  2. Good blog, Sue! You know I have little patience when it comes to people doing stupid things on the highway. It's less prevalent here than back home but there are fewer people here, as well.

    Back home I've seen people doing everything from talking on cell phones to putting on make up and even reading the newspaper behind the wheel. I wonder if anyone is looking for a cure for the most dangerous road hazard....human stupidity.

    BTW: I'm going to put a photo of Laura and Frankie on the dashboard where I can see it every time I'm tempted to run some idiot off the road. Maybe being reminded of what I might lose will help with the road rage.

  3. Sue, It is nice to read a story like this with a good ending. I am happy for you , that you can tell this story and I think it is great that you keep the picture up on your fridge. Miracles happen everyday as does tragedies.
    I had a brother who survived a bad accident and it was a miracle. I had a son who got hit by a truck and survived against all odds. At the acciedent scene it happened that their was a nurse right behind the accident and was able to give my son CPR on the spot or he wouldn't have made it as his heart stopped beating.
    Withine a week of my son's accident, I was driving down the 401 highway which they say is the busiest hwy. In Canada. I blew a tier and somehow was able to steer my car over to the side of the road. I had been on my way to visit my son in the hospital where he was in intensive care. I Sat there and cried and prayed as I was so scared and by myself, no cell phone and not knowing what to do next. To men pulled up in a truck. I was petrified. They ended up changing my tire for me and the one man shook his head and said I was lucky to be alive. I thanked them and got up the courage to keep driving to the hospital to visit my son. Yes miracles happen everyday. God had and still does have His hand on our lives. I too am very thankful to be among the living and my son is doing well and and is married and has blessed me with 3 beautiful granddaughters.
    We all have so many stories to tell. Thank you for telling this one.
    Nice seeing you here Sue and thank you for your comment on my space last night and for the comment concerning my flickr photos, and for looking me up here on blogger.
    Take care
    Dianne :)

  4. I didn't mean to write a blog on your space. May take me awhile to get back here and I am making up for lost time. Ha! Hope you don't mind. :)

  5. Thank You all for your comments
    Im Bless to have you as friends