Friday, July 23, 2010


I talk to many people on line, and one of the things that keeps coming up is age, I can’t understand why people worry so much about their age; to some it seem a big deal.

To me age is just a number that people use, it like telling the time, you need numbers there, so the clock works, well people need to count off the years, and to me that all it is, a way of counting time.

So why is it a big deal to some people, dose our age make us who we are, dose it define us in some way, I don’t think so, I know it doesn’t stop us from doing things we want to do, sometime we need to do them a new way as we get older but we still do them.

Even with babies, we put an age on things, baby is eight months old, he should be sitting , have teeth, standing or whatever the book say, doesn’t baby always do it when he ready, sometime sooner sometime later, but he always does it in his own time.

Why should people retire at any given age? If someone feels they can work longer, why should they retire, some people still have so much to offer as they get older, something’s are learnt from year of experience, not from a book or the net, if they are in good health and want to keep working a bit longer, good on then, it keep that active and out amongst people and that good for everyone.

Today when I was in town, I had done my shopping and was waiting for Ross, who was off seeing a mate, I sat chatting to a man of I thought of about seventy, he and his wife where in town for four days they were going north to the warm weather for the next two months as their home was down south.

He told me, how he nearly lost his wife to a brain tumour twenty years ago, we agreed he was very lucky to still have her, then he said it was her birthday next week and she would be seventy nine, and that every year they when away for their birthdays, I sat there wondering if his wife seventy nine just how old he was so I ask, he said he was eight five, he told me when he was home he still when to work two days a week, because he like to be with them “young ones” and that he enjoy showing them things that he knew how to do.

This is why I think he looked and was so well for his age, this man enjoy life and what he did, being eighty five should not stop him from doing, thing he liked.

Age does not make us who we are, what make us who we are I think is how we see ourselves, who we are is what in our mind , body, heart and soul, it not in our age or how others see us.

“Age is just a number we use to count the passing years”

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. Great story and I agree that age is just a number. I'm not getting old until I'm ready. I saw so much of me in your post. Work while I can and fortunately mostly when I want. I still have lots to offer this world and until my time comes I'm going to keep offering. Life is too short as I have seen too many times so live while you can. As you stated, maybe I can't do it the way I use to but I can still do it a different way. Because you can't jump as high as you use to only means you have to find a way without jumping. My belief is live every day to the fullest because when it's over you can never have it back and it means it's one less you had coming. Enjoy your weekend and try to wear a smile. If you can't wear a smile then at least make sure you're wearing something.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sue,
    and I posted a response to this fantastic blog on WLS,...I might just add that I think an active mind and lifestyle is all you need to keep young, there's no such thing as "I can't, because I'm too old," It's "I can because I'm still young in outlook!!" ...have a great week-end ..xx

  3. I had a "baby face" when I was younger and that sometimes caused problems. I almost always got my ID checked in bars so my first sergeant "ordered: me to grow a mustache so I would look older.

    I still get my ID checked now and then but I don't mind because now it's for because it happens when I ask for a senior citizen discount

  4. Grest Blog Sue. I sure loved what you wrote about the Baby . How true and how true age or numbers mean so many differnt things to different people.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. and I love the rocks at the top of you blog.

  6. and one more thing.:)
    I love how I dont have to type in a set or letters or numbers here also to leave a comment.
    I have it disabled also.

  7. Thank you all for your comments
    Lisa the rock are 2 hours from my home town of Magnet,
    Take care

  8. Hi Sue, I am so glad I found your blog spot as it is lovely. Your photos are so nice. Thank you.