Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Only One You

Only One You

There are promises and poems
Silly rhymes and songs
There are storms and rainbows
Sunshine and sometimes snow . . .

There is draught and there is rain
And dances that do the same
There are flowers and blue skies
And a million reasons why . . .

There are fantasies and dreams
Surprises and many schemes
Three are waterfalls and seas
Mountains and many trees . . .

There is laughter and there is pain
Scars that will always remain
There is happiness and sorrow
Hopes of a new tomorrow . . .

There are seasons to behold
Many stories to be told
There are folks who are blessed
There are those who have less . . .

There is uncertainty and fear
Love for those we hold dear
Yes, those for whom we care
And lift up in our prayers . . .

There are moments we are down
And many dreams to be found.
When all comes into view
I realize my friend, that . . .
there is .

Thank you for the gift of you!

© Steve A. Politte

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