Thursday, June 23, 2011

Australian Soldier

Last week a young Australian Soldier come home to his Family to be lay to rest, as I always do I when by the Australian Army web page on Facebook to leave a message under his picture out of respect for what this young man had done for his country, as I read down the comment and I come across one that made my blood boil.

These are the words the young lady put up,

“He would not be f...k died if he had not been there, bring them f....k home and stop them killing people”.

Now this young lady who is an Aussie, has forgotten, some things about our Soldiers, so on the off change she may see this, I will remind her,

1. It was a page to pay “Respect” to a fallen

Soldier; it was the wrong place for you to have your say.

2. Where is your “Respect”, for this young man

Family, who would see your very hurtful words.

3. Do you never think, that someday someone may be saying this about a member of your Family, and how would you feel then.

4. If you want to have your say, you should get off your butt, and go see a Pollie.

5. You! Need, to know the reason, you can have your say and that you lives in a FREE! Country, is

Thanks! To Our Soldiers.

Our Soldier’s do not go to war, for the fun of it, they go because our country ask them too, and they do, the job, that is ask of them, they are the very Best Australia has.

So if you can’t show Respect! To our Soldier’s who lay there Life on the line for us, you can always go live elsewhere, I’m sure there country out there, who would not mind taking your Freedom away from you.

Do I think our Soldier’s, should be fighting in the countries, that they are fighting, I have to be honest and say, some time Yes and some time No, should they come home, my answer is the same, some time Yes and some time No.


As the wife of a Nam Vet, the one thing I do know is that I will always support our Soldier’s.

Like the say goes:

“If you can’t stand beside our Soldier’s, you can always stand in front of them”.

“Lest We Forget”


We are Free,

Thanks to Those Who Fight and Lay Down Their Lives’ for Our Freedom.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. Let's hope our Australian soldiers come home soon.

  2. That was well said Sue. A respectful condolence page was no place for a remark as hurtful as that. I like the saying, "if you can't stand beside our soldiers, you can always stand in front of them", Yes...I like that! Again...well said!

    'ave a good one Sue...