Friday, June 10, 2011

Cats indoors or out doors

Time for Bitch!!

You may not want read past here

Most people know we have a cat, called Luigi and he an indoor cat and up till a month ago he was the only cat in our street, then we had people move in across the road with two cats, both outdoor cats, one being a tom who not spayed, and who has taken a liking to our front door and the smell drive Luigi mad.

When will people who keep cat learn, that they are not like dogs, they won’t just stay in their yard, that they have to look after them more than any dog.

I am feed up to the eyeteeth with people tell me what bitch I am for keep Luigi as an indoor cat,


My cat will never get run over by a car,

My cat will never be attacked by a dog,

My cat will never pick up a bate and eat it and died a slow death


MOST of all My cat will never kill any Aussie wild life


If that make me a bitch so be it, I don’t give a dam.

I would love ever cat owner, who, think I’m so very bloody barbaric for keeping Luigi inside, to hear their cat kill a frog and for them to hear the sound of the frog dying as there cat kill it slowly and painfully and I can tell them all, they will never forget that sound of that frog dying, cat don’t kill out right, they play, it just the way they are, and they kill so much of our wild life it not funny.

What more how would these so call good owner who let their cat roam all over town, feel, to see their cat die a slow death because it pick up a bat and eaten it.

If I had my way, all cats would be registered just like dogs and all family pets be they cats or dogs would be spayed, we don’t need unwanted cats and dogs going feral and it not right or fair, that this should happen to any cat or dog, because of some people, who too stupid to give a dam about their pet.

Cat don’t care if they inside all day, before we got Luigi, he was an outdoor cat for three years, he has not been out in the last eighteen months, and he no worry about going out, as long as you give an indoor cat lots to do, to keep their mind active, they are ok. Luigi has the whole house to play in, he has stuff in every room, and he knows what he can’t do and what he will get yell at for.

I love Luigi to death, but I also know in my heart he is and always will be a hunter and a killer, you can see it in the way he plays and this is why he will

“Always Be an Indoor Cat”.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©

His Royal Highness King Luigi the 1st

(As the girls call him)


  1. I have many friends with cats and they all keep them indoors. In fact I don't know any one with a cat that lets it outdoors.
    Cats are much safer inside.

  2. I AGREE COMPLETELY and I really don't give a damn what is thought of the fact that I have 2 INDOOR cats. They don't miss what they don't have... I would never take the chance of having them hit by a car and left there to die if the impact did not kill them outright, being stalked and caught in the grip of the fox, being mauled by a raccoon ... the list goes on! Miss Tiggy and Mr. Pepper are quite safe in the comfort of my loving arms INSIDE! O...they are spayed and neutered.
    Cats are instinctively predators and they don't really care how big whatever they are stalking is. babies are staying INSIDE where they belong ... where they are healthy and happy ... where they are safe!
    Good for you...

    'ave a good one Sue...

  3. I agree with you 100%, Sue...cats should be indoors for the very reasons you've written out here...I have FIVE cats at present, every one of them indoor fact, can't remember when I had outdoor cats if I ever did, because I've been a cat owner and lover for over 25 years! Don't get why other people think this is a bad thing, it's a responsible and caring thing to keep your cat(s) away from the harm they can come to out there in the world...and to keep them from damaging wildlife is naturally the second most important reason for keeping them inside...then there's your loss when they get lost or taken by someone else who thinks they're a stray...good blog, well said my friend! love, Katie.

  4. You have been given the Sunshine Award Sue, Please stop by my blog and pick it up.

  5. You are doing the right thing.