Sunday, August 14, 2011

18th August Long Tan Day

18th August Long Tan Day

(Vietnam Vet’s Day)

What is a Vietnam Vet ?

Like all soldiers, he is a man who did what his country ask him to do,

He a proud man, who has ask little of his country but what was rightfully his,

And like all soldiers, he saw and did things, that he still carries deep in his heart till this day,

He is someone who stood tall, even when his own country, turned their back on him for many years,

He is someone who, forty years later is still fighting for the help, he and others need, he not only fight for other Nam Vets, but for those who are fight to this day in countries around the world, for he know how hard it will be for them when they get home,

He is a man of courage, who believe in helping those, who cannot help themself,

To all the Nam Vets I know and all those I’m yet to meet,

“Welcome Home”


Thank You

To the one still try to find Peace,

I hope you find it in some way and that it easy your heart even, if it just a little,

To those who did not make it home,

You will never be forgotten,

On this Long Tan Day

Please shake the hand of a Nam Vets and tell him “Welcome home”.

“Lest We Forget”

That We are Free because of what They did for Us.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. A wonderful tribute Sue. Two of my brothers did multiple tours in 'Nam. The Viet Nam vets never received the recognition they deserve. I salute them all!

  2. Hello Sue, long time, no read, but nonetheless ... often thinking of you. Your post on our war vets brought a tear for them to my eye ... and it should. Well written tribute indeed. Thanks for your visit, too :) Love, cat ... PS: I'm so in love with your cat :)