Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Perth Storm

When we were in Perth with Dad, we run in to this storm one night on the way home, pictures taken with my phone, which died before the rain hit hard, most night it took us an hour and a bit to get home this night it took two hours.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. Hi Sue, It has been awhile since I made the trip all the way to your blog. Sorry it took me so long. Your blog looks great as always. Love your header photo with your beloved Kitty! :)

    Glad you made it home safely in the storm. It is amazing the photos you can take with a cell phone these days.

    Well I had better go get myself ready for my work day. You take care and have a wonderful day and week ahead.
    Dianne :)

  2. WOW!! That was some storm. The photos are amazing. I am glad you were all safe through the storm.

  3. You don't know these day just can't trust, it is dangerous world we are lived.
    Not so long ago that we have four season in the years but not anymore...
    So glad you were all safely home.
    Enjoy your day.