Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kalgan River Albany W.A.

On our holiday we stop at a Western Australian town call Albany, so we took a trip up the Kalgan River, to a winery, we got to the mouth of the river to find a man and his Pelicans waiting for us, Jonathan had been take people on trip up the river for years and he had love of Pelicans, in fact he had a family of Pelican, they where all birds that had been hurt in some way and he had taken then to the vet, to be fix and back in to the water they when, he said he never hand feed them less he had too and never took them away from the water unless he had too, when they were sick he would make sure they have fish till they where well, he said he only ever hand feed one, Percy ( who turn out to be a female) because he had been hit by a boat and his leg was broken, but when he was well back in the water he when.
When the boat pull away from the jetty, so did the Pelicans, it was wonderful to see these wonderful birds swimming or flying around the boat, they come with us right up till the bridge and then they just stop, one of the kids when “Oh they not coming” to be told they would wait for us to come back, and sure enough they did, they meet us at the bridge on the way back.
Jonathan was ask if he still feed them and he said yes, when we get back they each would get one fish, but for Percy who got two fish, because he would sleep nowhere else but on the boat and had become the guard Pelican.
These bird where just wonderful, they line up for their fish and off they when, but for Percy who made himself at home.

 S.M. Mac Arthur ©

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  1. The pelicans are very beautiful. Awesome pictures Sue!