Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australia Day 2012!

Australia Day 2012!

The last year has gone so quick and Australia Day is once again here, as I look back to over the last year it makes me very proud to be an Aussie.
In the last twelve months, Ross and I have done some travelling and we meet many Aussie both at home and overseas, and we have made wonderful friends along the way.
When we when across Australia by ship and Train, we meet some wonderful Aussie, one of those being a disable young man who was partly blind, his spirit and caring for other was unbelievable, he did not see himself as disable, he saw himself as an everyday person, and that there was nothing he could not do.
When we were in Adelaide, we were having lunch in the park, there was a young man sitting on the steps with a hat in front of him on the ground, I don’t often give money, to people asking for hand out, but there was just something about him, I walk over and put money in his hat and as I turn to walk away ,felt hand on my shoulder, when I turn back, he was standing there with his arm open and he hug me and said Thank you.
One of the things that make me so very proud to be Aussie, happen in Turkey on ANZAC Day, to see thousands of Aussie’s and so many of them young, and most who had travel thousands of miles to see the sun come up over ANZAC Cove at the dawn service and who then made the very long walk to Lone Pine for the midday service, to see this kind of respect given to our service men and women, was so good.
It is the young people who will move our country forward and it is they who will keep the ANZAC spirit alive, it is they who will take our country around the world with them in their hearts and it is they by their actions, which will bring the people of the world to Australia.
So this Australia Day, please look at our young people and see the good in them, we often read in the paper or see on T.V., when one of them has done wrong, I think it time we saw the good side of them too.
I wish you all a wonderful Australia day,
I hope you spend it with family and friends, doing something you enjoy,
Please all stay safe when you’re out and about, and
“Please DON’T Drink and Drive”

S.M. Mac Arthur ©


  1. A very nice post Sue!! Happy Australia day to you all!

  2. very nice sue... hugs

  3. Australia is on my bucket list. God bless that young man! Very nice post Sue!

  4. have a good weekend... hugs

  5. Hello dear Sue!
    It was a long time since I touched on my blog.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Here we had a real winter on the West Coast.
    Snow and - 18 degrees. But while it is fresh and nice to walk and then come home and cook a cup of hot chocolate.
    Wishing you a very nice week.
    Take care.
    Hugs Ann