Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kookaburra and Tawny Frogmouth

When we were in Sydney, we when to the Blue Mountains, (pictures still to come) on the way we stop at this little Zoo (I’m sorry I can’t tell you the name of it, because my note have gotten lost), I do know the family that run it, started by just taking in hurt Australian Animals and it has just grown from there, they had Australia animals of every kind.
But the pictures I’m going to show you are of two birds, the Kookaburra and the Tawny Frogmouth. These birds where free to walk or fly around the Zoo, they were just in cages of a night for their safety, some of the other birds where in cages for our safety, as many could take a finger off with one bite.
Why the Kookaburra and the Frogmouth, well as you will see they are not the most beautiful of birds, but there just something about them, I just love the two of them and they look so different, yet they are very alike.

S.M. Mac Arthur ©




  1. Beautiful shots Sue! You have seen some amazing sights.

  2. These are beautiful...
    Beth is right; you have been to some amazing places and seen some amazing sights!

    'ave a good one Sue...

  3. Beautiful photos, Sue! You are quite the photographer :-)